Qualities of a Good Call Centre Agent

Published: 19th May 2011
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Employers and call center companies look for certain attributes when selecting call center employees. These recruiters look for the same specifications in the candidates, whether a call center job is located in a traditional building or office with numerous other call center agents or at a home based telecommuting job.

What a Call Center Agent Is

A call center agent is the person who handles or takes care of the incoming or outgoing telephone calls for a business.

The company may hire a call center agent to represent a service or to represent a business intending on selling or promoting a special product or merchandise.

These representatives may often handle complaints; troubleshoot problems, and provide information and answers to customer questions.

Qualities of a Good Call Center Agent

The functions of a call center agent can vary from one operation to another, but usually, the following attributes are common with most call centers.

Being Professional

Usually, call center agents must work independently, making professionalism an important quality. They need to be able to demonstrate competence and knowledge with their work.

Being Empathetic and Caring

Being caring and empathetic does not necessarily mean to go on for an overly long time chatting. It means to acknowledge when someone is discussing a problem or issue, and demonstrating empathy for their dilemma. This could also mean allowing the person to vent.

Being Polite

Being polite is a good trait for someone who is professional. A person will seem much more respectful and will also receive more respect in return on a call, if they treat their customers or callers with respect.

Being Fast, but Accurate

Almost every call center or employer wishes their employee to be fast, as time is after all, money. The call center agent should, however, not be so quick to seem abrupt or harsh, and never should be rudely cutting off a customer to save on call time.

A good call center agent handles a call quickly, but efficiently.

All messages should be typed in accurately with no mistakes with regards to name and address, and other necessary particulars.

Having Strong Organizational Skills

A good worker should have strong organizational skills. It is important to know where to find the information that needs to be relayed, quickly.

Enthusiastic and Highly Motivated

If a call center agent appears to be enthusiastic and is highly motivated, it will give the impression to the caller they know what they need to do, and will get the job done.


Any employer wants to have a reliable worker. They want someone who will show up at least 15 to 20 minutes before their shift begins, and is willing to stay if the need arises.


Remember, a customer can hear in the tone of the voice, a worker who is smiling.

Several call center agents have a mirror sitting on their desk, or have a happy face poster above where they sit to remind them to smile.

Good Keyboarding or Typing Skills

Of course, if the agent has good typing or keyboarding skills, it is faster to input the information and messages into the system, hence, the overall call will be faster.

Ability to Work on Own Initiative

As call centers or home based call center work is busy, and managers may not always be available instantly, it is an asset for a worker to be able to work on his or her own initiative, independently.

Be a Team Player

It is a great asset for a call center representative to be a team player, as call center work can be demanding on occasion, and may require the input and help of other agents or supervisors.

It is important to be a team player, so that proper messages can be communicated effectively, and to allow the shortest amount of time of wait possible for the customer to receive assistance.

Be Multi-Task Oriented

Again, because call center work can be very chaotic at times, it is a must for call center agents to be multi-task oriented. If the representative can perform several tasks at once, the job can be done faster, and both the employer and customer will be mutually satisfied.


Flexibility is important and almost a necessary quality. Today’s busy call centers have a multitude of customers and shifts available. Employers love the fact that a prospective candidate would be able to easily fill in for other workers if there is an absence because of illness or appointments.

Having at Least Basic Computer Skills

A prospective call center employee should have at least the minimal amount of basic computer skills. This is necessary when the agent needs to input and relay the information and messages for the call center.

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