Feeling Neglected? Perhaps You Should Start A New Relationship

Published: 19th May 2011
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Thousands of women and men complain of being neglected from their boyfriend or girlfriend, and wonder what to do. Their love of their life refuses to engage in chit chat anymore, expressing dissatisfaction, and whining about being too tired. You catch him texting the opposite sex most of every available minute.

The Relationship Discussion

You discussed the situation many times already, making it clear about what you need and how you are feeling lonely. You explained time and time again, that you need to be given more appreciation, but your feeling of isolation is still continuing. It may be time to appreciate you instead, or see someone new.

The Cheating

If your gal or guy is emotionally cheating on you, it may be just a matter of time you will be physically cheated on as well.

You have been tolerating the making fun of you in public. The annoying habits are one thing, but cheating is another.

Starting a New Relationship

Perhaps, you are starting to feel emotionally exhausted, feeling less then special. If this is the case, maybe you should start a new relationship.

Sometimes moving away from a relationship that once made you happy to begin a fresh one is the answer. It is not selfish to want to be happy. Life is too short and special, to live it unhappy.

Being Cautious

Before you go after that new special someone, be sure to examine certain areas, not to make the same mistake again.

Think about it carefully, and then know what it is that you want before you leap into a new committed relationship.
Be honest with yourself.
Try to answer the question about why you want the relationship in the first place.
Be prepared to do the work as it takes effort, time, and commitment, to make any relationship work, whether it is a new or existing romance.

Most individuals that experienced a breakup prefer to stay in non-committed relationships at least for a little while.

Unfortunately, studies show that people that go through several breakups are more apt to break up again with a new relationship. But what the heck, you think, that new spicy romance is worth it. You finally have that complete attention that you were longing for. Its much more than what your ex was giving you, and it feels delightful.
Be careful, because as you become more emotionally attached to your new lover, anxiety and previous similar experiences set in. This can also give you anxiety. Suddenly, you get the feeling of dj-vu.

Dont let these new found feelings jinx the relationship and control you. Take the bull by the horns, as people say. Maintaining a good relationship takes work and effort. Be prepared to put 100 percent into your new relationship, but be cautious, and dont be afraid to expect 100 percent back.

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